Jun 13

IP Mailer

Get notified from your Android phone about your public IP.

Great for those who don’t have a static IP like home internet users.

To download visit Google Play.

screenshot_2013-06-08-10-04-05 screenshot_2013-06-11-20-53-13

May 13

4 Pics 1 Word Cracker

Here is a program to help whoever is addicted to 4 Pics 1 Word.

Download on your PC.

4pic 4pics2

Apr 13



RevBox (Beta Stage)


Lets you view and record information about your vehicle while driving. The information is captured from:

1. OBD: speed, rpm, fuel economy, and engine faults (requires external ELM327 Bluetooth adapter)
2. GPS: speed, travel distance, show traveled route on a map, and travel time
3. Accelerometer: GForce

Why to use RevBox:
- Monitor your driving style, data, performance
- Improve fuel consumption and driving style
- Check engine faults
- Data Logger: Normal and Race drivers
- Race Live Data (in conjunction with RevBox Suite)
- RB Network (Under Construction)

- No automotive/cars knowledge required
- The app is simple to use and it targets everyone

RevBox on Android

RevBx Suite lets you view analyse exported recorded data captured using RevBox app on you PC (Windows Only).

Download RevBox Suite

rbs3 rbs2

Jan 13



ProState has been developed by professionals that look after people with prostate problems on day to day basis, aiming to increase their awareness, and provide help for thousands of men that have urinary symptoms.

ProState is the first ever application that is personalised to each user, with interactive IPSS calculator, diary and information, that will allow the users to assess themselves at anytime, review their history, scores and PSA results.

- IPSS Calculator
- PSA Level
- Store results and review patients’ history
- Useful information

screenshot_2013-01-09-15-43-58 screenshot_2013-01-09-15-44-08

To install on Android visit Google Play.

Dec 12

Yomcom – يوم كوم


يوم كوم – أهم المواقع الاخبارية في الأردن

Read Jordan’s news on your handset/tablet device.
Yomcom gets the latest news from the most popular Jordanian websites.

On mobile phones:


On tablets:

To download on Android device click

Nov 12

Pwidget (Porsche VIN Decoder)


Get Porsche vehicle details from its VIN (Vehicle identification number).
This app was written using PHP-GTK2.
To install on windows download here.

Aug 12

mbed Forensics

All of us familiar with the mbed, must know that it has a USB mass storage appears to us whenever is connected to the PC via USB. There is a (magic) chip responsible for the interface of the flash memory with the uC and PC/USB.

The mass storage is a 2 MB flash memory chip by Atmel AT45DB161D. The mbed will run the last added .bin (output of the online IDE/compiler) to the mass storage.

In this post the flash memory of mbed NXP LPC1768 will be analysed further to show its file system and how such a simple device can be crucial in a forensic investigation. The TSK forensic tools where used to carry on the analysis. Also I will show how to recover deleted file. So let us start work.

First of all lets make a raw image of the flash memory using dd command.

dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/user/for/mbed.dd

Lets look at the first 512 bytes of the image:

The partition layout of a volume system (partition tables) can be shown using sfdisk command:

sfdisk -l -uS mbed.dd

There is only one partition. So the details about the file system can be obtained using TSK fsstat command are :

fsstat –o 0 mbed.dd

A timeline for file activity on the storage device is obtained using TSK’s fls, ils, and mactime is shown below:

fls -o 0 –m /home/ -r mbed.dd > mbed.body
ils -o 0 –m mbed.dd >> mbed.body
mactime –b mbed.body –d > mbed.time

Now lets recover some deleted files. The required file can be carved out from the raw image using the following commands:

fls -o 0 mbed.dd
icat -o 0 mbed.dd 32 > serial_test_LPC176_carved.bin

To test the carved binary file, I put the serial_test_LPC176_carved.bin back into the mbed board (normal installation) and yes it worked.


1. The file system of the flash memory of mbed is FAT12.
2. From the timeline we managed to deduce that the file HelloWorld.bin is the only bin file installed.
3. Also the files like serial_test_LPC1768(1).bin, /HelloWorld_LPC1768.bin, or serial_test_LPC1768(3).bin were deleted.
4. As long as the area of the file system of the deleted files has not been overwritten, then we managed to how to recover a deleted file.

Jan 12

One month with Lumia

My N900 had to retire from service. Hence I had to pick a new smartphone. As you know it is a hard task to choose a smartphone nowadays. After hours of browsing and being a Nokia fan I ended up with the gorgeous Lumia 800.

Ok back to the point, it is time for the feedback. I personally feel that WP7 (Mango) lacks the following for the time being:

  1. VPN
  2. Bluetooth file transfer
  3. File explorer/Manager
  4. Multitasking
  5. Tethering (Already some WP7 phones have it)
  6. Skype and other apps (Coming soon)

Some suggestions:

  1. Allow the customisation of search page wallpaper
  2. Hide the right arrow at the (top right corner) so more space is available for start page tiles.

Aug 11


Switches on/off the N900 camera’s dual LED.

This application uses the flashlight library from flashlight-applet application.

The reason i developed this app is because the flashlight-applet  did not work properly on my device and i read that others had issues with it as well.

Link to download from extras-devel




Jun 11

DontGo (N900 OBDII Diagnostics)

DontGo (Diagnose on the Go), is an OBD scanner running on Maemo on Nokia N900 and developed using Qt framework.

At this stage supports KWP2000 since I have built to diagnose my Opel/Vauxhall Astra 1.4 2003.

Since USB interface on N900 is a bit of a hassle, i am using the ubiquitous ELM327 OBDII v1.4 Bluetooth Scanner, like this. The bluetooth in this device supports SPP (Serial Port Profile; an RS232 emulation over bluetooth). The elm327 commands are based on AT commands. The elm327 datasheet has got all the information required.

I had to use the rfcomm for Bluetooth communication on N900.   The steps required to set it up were taken from this lovely post.

Adding more Models it should NOT be complicated since the interface structure and the comms interface are done.

DontGo screenshots:

DontGo - Main




AutoGo - AV1

If you want the source code let me know. However it needs to be rebuild before using it. The project still needs tiding up, so if anyone feels up to it that would be brilliant. Also if you need any guidance let me know.