One month with Lumia

My N900 had to retire from service. Hence I had to pick a new smartphone. As you know it is a hard task to choose a smartphone nowadays. After hours of browsing and being a Nokia fan I ended up with the gorgeous Lumia 800.

Ok back to the point, it is time for the feedback. I personally feel that WP7 (Mango) lacks the following for the time being:

  1. VPN
  2. Bluetooth file transfer
  3. File explorer/Manager
  4. Multitasking
  5. Tethering (Already some WP7 phones have it)
  6. Skype and other apps (Coming soon)

Some suggestions:

  1. Allow the customisation of search page wallpaper
  2. Hide the right arrow at the (top right corner) so more space is available for start page tiles.

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